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Belleville Campus

129 Greenway Cross Ct

Belleville, WI 53508

P. (608) 424-1818

7:00am - 5:30pm


Please note that ages are the average age in each classroom and may

change depending on ages of groups of children

Teacher to child ratios are dependent on ages of children in the classrooms. For any child under the age of 2, the ratio is 1 teacher to 4 children.


Age Range: 8 Weeks - 7 Months

Maximum Capacity: 8

Developmental Emphasis: 
Explore the new world around them and start to develop social and emotional bonds with their teachers to create trust.

Age Range: 7 Months - 14 Months

Maximum Capacity: 8

Developmental Emphasis:

Transform from a baby that is on their own complete schedule and start to adapt to the center schedule. 

Age Range: 14 Months - 1.5 Years

Maximum Capacity: 8

Developmental Emphasis: Work to develop their fine motor and self help skills while exploring the world through play. 

Age Range: 1.5 years - 2 year

Maximum Capacity: 17

Developmental Emphasis: Prepare each child to be ready for a more structured classroom. Start potty training and work towards individual milestones.


Age Range: 2-3y
Maximum Capacity: 21

Developmental Emphasis: Hands on approach to learning where "centers" start. This means being in smaller areas and learning more one on one. 


Age Range: 3-4yr

Maximum Capacity: 26

Developmental Emphasis:

Develop more individualistic ideals and independent characteristics. 


Age Range: 4yr +

Maximum Capacity: 35

Developmental Emphasis: Prepare for the next step in school, kindergarten,  through a fully play based style of learning. 

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