Diverse Learning Environments


This classroom ranges in age from six weeks to one year old. Our teacher to child ratio is 1 to 3 with a maximum of 6 children in the classroom total.

Infants follow their own schedules.

Our teachers enrich the infants by offering music, outdoor time, movement, art, and reading aloud to further their development.


Our toddler room is for 1 to about 2.5-year-olds. The teacher to child ratio is 1 to 4 with a maximum of 8 children in the classroom. 


This classroom can have a maximum of  10 children. The ratio is  1 teacher to 6 kids depending on their ages. 


The maximum number of children in this classroom is 14. We strive to get your child kindergarten ready while still following our curriculum approach.

This classroom turns into our Camp Woodland program in the summer to be offered to children 4-10 years old.

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